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“Tailor Made” is a miniature golf experience where the obstacles are not objects on a landscape, but rather the landscape itself. By using the potential to work with grass as a sheet (either sod rolls or Astroturf), we tailor the grass like it was cloth rather than simply draping a surface. Something that is well-tailored means more than a perfect fit. A tailored garment is cut and shaped with darts and stitching to enhance the form of the wearer. Our golf course takes the ground surface and, through careful cutting and joining back together, creates an enhanced ground plane designed for unique game-play. The shifts caused by the tailoring operations open voids in the green that express its altered shape, and create “sand traps” in the raw earth below. The enhanced ground is structured by tailored plywood. By cutting darts out of the wood and stitching it back together with wire and glue we can form a rigid monocoque shell that supports the playing surface as well as the weight of a golfer. This type of construction has proven strength and durability within the world of lightweight plywood boats and kayaks. We apply it here in the interest of achieving new forms through traditional techniques.