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Light House

Light House is a work of micro-architecture that leverages its own portability to dramatically change its function. Inspired by the Apollo Lunar Module, taco trucks, and contemporary architectural form, Light House is introduced as an open pavilion and stage: a public programmable space for concerts, events, and revelry. Once the Biennial ends Light House is moved to the Chicago lakefront and into the second phase of its life. A 100 degree rotation flips the plan and section. The stage becomes the kiosk floor and former openings and skylights become a service counter and entrance. Extra feet from its former orientation protrude from one side, functioning now as attachment points for a shade canopy and promising future transformation. During the off-season Light House is rotated again becoming a winter chapel. Tinted skylights cast a warm glow during the day and internal lighting combined with colored windows create a waterfront beacon at night.