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Winter Coat

Winter Coat is a tailored architectural garment for a lifeguard station. Traditionally tailoring enhances rather than mimics the form of the wearer. In this case the rectangular skeleton of the station is given volume and enclosure beyond that of its original structure. The proposed construction: a quilt of common recycled/recyclable architectural materials - Tyvek, wool insulation, and a radiant barrier - are stitched together and wrapped around the station, responding to the signage and lifesaving devices as well as creating an inviting blanket on the beach where the white wrapper and reflective lining reverse themselves creating a bright protected spot to sit on grey days. The coat references beach blankets, tanning reflectors and lifejackets as well as the ubiquitous puffy vests and jackets that appear during cold months. Although this proposal gives a nod/wink to the iconic Pechet and Robb project Sweaterlodge, Winter Coat is fashion for Architecture rather than architectural scaled fashion.