Park Studio: Tree House 2014

Knowhow Shop worked with the Santa Monica Museum of Art and students from Santa Monica High School on their spring break to build a treehouse located in the People's Park at Bergemont Station to host the museums summer programs.

Park Studio: Tree House 2014 Teaser

The same project as above specially edited for those short of time...

The Knotwork Workshop with SMMoA

Another project with our friends at Santa Monica Museum of Art as well as community volunteers to weave this communal hammock we designed for Bergemot Station's People's Park. The hammock was scheduled for only a month but was so delightful it stayed up all summer!

Knowhow Shop / 2ndwnd Pumpkin Carving

Knowhow Shop's Halloween party with DELab and 2NDWND: First 21st century pumpkin carving, then a Jeff Koons inspired pinata...with a healthy dose of Dubstep.

Knowhow Shop Garden Show

Knowhow Shop hosted this garden party and invited our friends to contribute products and designs. Featuring work from Scout Regalia, Linda Hsiao, Blanchard/Fuentes, 2NDWND, and artists: Vuki and Katrina.

Knowhow Shop - February Art Walk 2011

Way back in 2011 we rocked the NELA Artwalk and this short video proves it...

Knowhow Shop LA: Safety Time

A must for the safety minded! This video lays out a safety plan for the shop that we have adhered to ever since.