Knowhow Shop Fabrication marries an extensive knowledge of traditional craft techniques with a dedication to pushing the boundaries of how material has been traditionally used, and the invention of new practice for contemporary craft. We choose projects based on what we don't know rather than what we do, and find equal value in our failures and successes. Our shop is built around both traditional and digital tools and our curiosity for technique both new and old.

  • 3-Axis CNC

    Our shop is equipped with a 4'x8' Techno CNC Router. We are capable of milling wood, Corian, and foam with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. We have done single and double-sided mills for students, artists, inventors and architects as well as craftspeople and enthusiasts. We prefer Rhino or igs formatted files. Email your file to knowhowshopla@gmail.com

  • Laser Cutting

    We collaborate with Manny Torres of 2ndwnd, who owns and operates an 80 watt Rabbit laser engraver with a 33"x45"x12" bed envelope out of our shop. He can cut and etch a variety of materials and does custom graphic signage and portraits as well. 2ndwndstudio@gmail.com

  • Specialty Fabrication

    We provide consulting, coordination and fabrication services as well as design and knowhow for both architects and artists. Many of our projects span the divide between traditional workmanship and digital fabrication to find a sweet-spot of contemporary design paired with craft excellence.