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Altadena Listening Studio

Our client had a 1930’s two car garage and a dream. He wanted a private light filled home office, enough space to have friends over to watch the game, storage for his record collection and a place to listen to music on the most impressive stereo we’ve ever seen. So we took on the challenge to design the ultimate man cave: we peeled away layers of the wall and folded them into casework - a workstation with drawers, record shelving with storage below for less aesthetic items, a credenza with a coffee setup and requisite bourbon collection, and a cabinet devoted to cleaning and preserving records. We peeled up the roof as well creating a new entry and views out into the bucolic garden. The addition of a full bathroom and comfy couch make this the perfect place to chill…with or without Netflix.

Project Team: Justin Rice, Kagan Taylor, Jake Van Vranken

Photography by Stephen Schauer