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El Nido

The challenge with this project was to design a Garage/ADU that was as much about the garage as the living space above. Our clients were proud parents of a new baby boy and an old car (a 1964 Chevy Impala). The design would serve both, by providing a guest house for visiting grandparents and a fully appointed garage to accommodate the car’s unusual length. Voids strategically cut from a ubiquitous stucco box to fulfill setback and height restrictions from the city and space for existing trees that provide shade for the backyard, add architec- tural interest, introducing a language of cedar clad curves and an exterior stair. In the living space a large west facing picture window and a long south facing clerestory window, allow tree filtered light to the interior, giving the feel of a nest perched in a tree. #knowhow1905

Awards: A+D Museum 2021 On The Desk Runner-Up